Circadian Lighting Promotes the Health and Well-being of Seniors

One of the biggest challenges in senior living, and in memory care in particular, is helping residents maintain a normal circadian rhythm and regular sleep patterns.

Circadian lighting is a valuable upgrade for all residential settings and has even more benefit for senior living.

Lighting systems that mimic natural day and night cycles can dramatically improve both the mood and the health of seniors (and staff) who spend most of their days indoors. Circadian lighting has been shown to improve sleep cycles, reduce anxiety and agitated behavior, and increase engagement in day-time activities. In clinical settings, adding circadian lighting can even allow for marked reduction in psychotropic and sleep medications for memory care patients.

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Lumenant’s Life-Changing Lightingsm products create a natural circadian, dawn-to-dusk lighting cycle by changing colors and intensity over the course of the day and evening.

Residents awake to a warm glow that mimics sunrise. As the morning goes on, that light becomes brighter and whiter like the sun outside, which stimulates alertness and encourages participation in community activities. In the late afternoon, lights shift to evening hues, providing a peaceful atmosphere that prepares residents for bed and can help alleviate symptoms of Sundowner’s syndrome.

Every light in our system is individually programmable to allow each room to wake at a different time. Each one is controlled through a cloud-based interface that operates on the cellular data network. No connection to the building’s wireless network is required, which eliminates HIPAA concerns.

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