Upgrading Exterior Lighting for Safety and Appealing Nighttime Facades

High-quality exterior lighting is crucial for resident, employee, and visitor safety at senior living properties. Despite that, many campuses suffer from inadequate lighting in parking lots, perimeters, and grounds – creating safety and security challenges and properties that present poorly in the evening.

Lumenant offers easy exterior lighting solutions, for all property types:

  • When no wiring exists, self-powered solar lights are a simple, cost-effective option.
  • When existing lighting is already grid-connected, fixtures can easily be upgraded to modern LEDs which provide superior light, use less energy, and save money.


Adding Self-Powered Solar Lights

When adding new lights to areas where there are no existing lights (and no wiring exists), self-powered solar lighting – which does not require a connection to an electrical panel – is a cost-effective, easy option. Lights can be placed almost anywhere with minimal ground disturbance and minimal expense, generally within two days: one day to complete a foundation and one day for installation.

Upgrading Existing Lighting to LEDs

If poles and wiring are already in place, simply upgrading existing lights to modern LEDs can save thousands of dollars in electricity bills and dramatically improves the appearance and safety of building exteriors. Exterior upgrade projects can usually be completed in one to two days without any disruption to the building or grounds.

Our mission is to help our partners easily transform their properties with lighting, energy, and technology solutions to make their spaces healthier, safer, and more appealing and profitable.

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