For most organizations, HVAC is the costliest source of energy use. Upgrading antiquated systems and units with Cloud-based controls and/or with new super-efficient, quiet systems dramatically reduces energy costs, puts you in control of your environment and provides much higher quality of life for residents.

The Problem

Many senior living buildings have PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner) units to provide heating and cooling in resident rooms. While inexpensive to purchase and install, PTACs are extremely energy inefficient and lead to unnecessarily high electric bills. All too often, residents run the units on maximum, even when the room is unoccupied. When all the units in a building are running simultaneously, electricity demand surges and often results in “demand charges”* that are tacked on to bills for the rest of the year, leading to tens of thousands of dollars of avoidable expenses each year.

We Make It Easy


To better manage PTAC energy-use and improve resident experience, Lumenant can replace the control board in PTACs with a smart panel connected to a wireless thermostat in the room.

The thermostat contains both occupancy and thermal sensors to accurately determine whether the resident is in the room or not.

Centralized thermostat controls allow building managers to set maximum and minimum “set-points” for both heating and cooling, ensuring that each room complies with regulatory and clinical standards for resident comfort, without wasting energy from having been set too high or too low. When the room is unoccupied, our control system turns the system off, saving energy and also reducing cost.

The thermostats are also connected to the Cloud and monitored continuously, ensuring that both the PTAC unit and the control system are operating properly. The system will flag a unit before failure, making maintenance needs predictable and improving resident experience overall.

Additionally, cloud-based monitoring allows units to be cycled so that only a fraction are running at any one time, thereby saving thousands of dollars a year in demand charges, while maintaining your residents comfort.

Our mission is to help our partners easily transform their properties with lighting, energy, and technology solutions to make their spaces healthier, safer, and more appealing and profitable.

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