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Lumenant provides design, planning, finance, and impeccable implementation to upgrade buildings – new and old – with life-changing lighting and technology solutions, making them healthier, safer, more marketable, and more cost-efficient. We expertly design and flawlessly install solutions that make sense for your business:

  • Smart LED lighting and controls that transform the appeal and feel of your space
  • Circadian lighting systems for healthier living
  • Innovative HVAC control systems to dramatically reduce energy costs
  • Intelligent monitoring systems to improve resident wellness and safety
  • Solar panels & micro-grid battery storage for shelter-in-place and energy savings
Who We Are
Lumenant’s life-changing lighting, energy, and technology solutions make your buildings healthier, safer, and more marketable, while saving you money.

For senior living organizations struggling with the ever-growing challenges of aging buildings, we offer an easy, headache-free solution to cost-effectively transform their spaces with new attractive lighting and healthier energy and technology systems.

Our People Set Us Apart

Our highly-trained team handles every detail of each project. From goal setting, design, and planning, to expert installation and maintenance, Lumenant will seamlessly upgrade your building with the right lighting, energy, and technology solutions to create healthier, safer, more appealing spaces.

An experienced project manager leads every project and works together with our specialized installation crews to deliver exceptional service. At every step we coordinate and communicate with your team to ensure that they are able to do their jobs without disruption.

We understand your business and respect your time. With Lumenant, your team won’t have to worry about a thing.

Our Team

Steve Kopf
Jack Sterne
Susan T. Vrbas
Vice President of Operations
Ben Pait
Director of Field Operations
Michael Miller
Director of Technical Operations
Lauren Marletta
Account Manager

Our mission is to help our partners easily transform their properties with lighting, energy, and technology solutions to make their spaces healthier, safer, and more appealing and profitable.

We’re the best, most reliable partner for the job.
How we do it


We provide end-to-end energy solutions that create long-term revenue with little or no upfront capital.

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Lumenant's management team communicates directly with the client. We conduct site visits in order to understand exactly what is needed to provide the best possible solution.
Solutions are designed to meet a client's exact needs and maximize savings. We create a plan that is tailored to that specific client.
Because many organizations need to preserve capital and reduce the financial risks of acquiring new technologies, we provide customized financing options that maximize the cash flow and energy savings from your project.
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Our highly-trained team handles every detail of each project. At every step we coordinate and communicate with your team to ensure that they are able to do their jobs without disruptions.
Modern lighting and smart controls dramatically reduce energy use per fixture- driving cost efficiencies and making projects deliver savings from day one.


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